wireguard vpn on android with fritzbox

AVM added wireguard support in FRITZ!OS 7.50

I use and like wireguard since years, so I was curious and just gave the FRITZ!OS variant a try...

If you configure your android device as a wireguard client using the WireGuard App) peered to your fritz box, you can use the FRITZ!App Fon remotely to handle fixed-line phone calls!


routing while connected to your home wifi

As the android wireguard client can not handel route metrics, you must disable the wireguard VPN in your app while you are connected to your local LAN/WIFI

wireguard and DSL reconnects

As most of us will have a dynamic IP that will change at least once a day, you need to configure your fritz box to use a DDNS service to register the IP and the android wireguard client to use the DDNS name. But even with this, you will need to restart your wireguard VPN in the app if the IP of the DDNS record changes, as wireguard just uses the DNS record just once during the service startup and will not use updated IPs.